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Posted on: 2018-06-20 12:21:18

Cozia National Park - located in the central-southern part of the Meridionali Carpathians, has its entire area in Valcea County. This natural area is ideal for hikers because it provides about 17,000 hectares of mountainous meadows, oak forests, beech forests, limestone cliffs, etc. where a variety of flora and fauna is housed.

The flora consists of the following species of plants: angelica, mountain cornflower, comfrey, lily of the forest, field sage, the weed of the wind, carnations etc. As far as the fauna is concerned, there are brown bears, wolves, lynxes, several species of bats, three species of fish (dunarita, zglavoaca, mreana vanata).


In Cozia National Park you can enjoy the fresh air and hiking on the massifs. Because the mountains are not very high, the highest point is Cozia Peak (1668 m), there are many trails that you can navigate more easily than other versants:

  1. Turnu  Station (310m) - Curmatura la Troita (673m) - Scortaru Mountain - Turneanu Edge - Cozia Cottage (1573). Level difference 1263m, the longest route.
  2. Gura Lotrisorului (300m) - Lotrisorului Valley - Tarsa Meadow (1280m).  Level difference 980m, the average route.
  3. Brezoi (640 m) - Turtudan Peak - Poiana Sulita Peak - Calinesti Valley - Calinesti Village (340 m). Level difference 300m, the shortest route.

Tourist attractions: Lotrisor Waterfall, Olt Narrow Path, Cozia Monastery, Turnu Monastery, Stanisoara Monastery, Cornetu Monastery, Blanoiu Monastery, Cozia Veche Hermitage, Roman Arutela Castru, Pripoare Village, Calimanesti-Caciulata Spa.


   Roman Arutela Castru                         Cozia Monastery

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