Christmas traditions and customs

Posted on: 2018-12-18 11:43:02

Christmas traditions and customs

With the coming of the cold season, we are all wainting for the winter holidays. December is a month rich in traditions and emotions, the most representative event being the birth of the Savior, celebrated on December 25th. Also, an emotional load is felt because every person is waiting to see their entire family at the Christmas table, and the little ones are eager to be surprised with various gifts hidden beneath the fir tree.

Preparing for holidays begins on November 15, with the beginning of 6 weeks period before Christmas. The house should be cleaned before Eve, when it is no longer allowed to sweep. An old superstition says that's how you give away the good luck in the house.

One of the most famous traditions is decorating the fir tree in the evening of Eve with red or green ornaments. The custom of Christmas tree would have appeared in Germany, where the legend says that Saint Boniface ordered the cutting of oaks, venerated by pagans. Thus all the trees around, except the fir tree, have been destroyed, which has since become a symbol of this celebration.

One of the most beloved Christmas traditions is trick or treat. On the first day of Christmas, the caroling go from house to house with star in hand and tell people the birth of Jesus through songs and poems. It is said that the one who does not open the caroling gate will have a year of unpleasant and bad luck in the house.

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