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Posted on: 2017-04-26 14:44:52

The present fortress of Arad is one of the most important historical monuments, currently in the western part of the country. Build in the second half of the eighteenth century, the city was considered one of the most impressive military fortifications of those times. The Arad fortress was approved personally by the Empress Maria Theresa and her son, Joseph II. The construction of the Fortress, wich is the art of the architect Harsch, began in the summer of 1763, following the Vauban system, and is a six-corner double-storied construction with strong defense walls, casemates and other military buildings.

The works lasted 20 years, with small interruptions caused mainly by the lack of labor, so the fortress was completed in 1783.


After the completion of the works, various military units were placed in the fortress, thus Arad became a military-political center of the Austrian domination in the area. Until 1918 the fortress was one of the largest military prisons of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Fortress history, in more than 200 years of existence, is linked to various important events. During the Revolution of Horea, in 1784, the city was one of the centers of action of the imperial troops against the insurgents. In the time of the Napoleonic wars in the city, many french prisoners were held.

After the 1848 revolution, many revolutionaries, including Eftimie Murgu, were jailed and sentenced in the fortress's casemates. With the end of the nineteenth century, when the strategic concept changes, the city loses its importance by becoming a simple barracks.


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