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Posted on: 2017-05-25 14:06:41

You do not know where to go this weekend? MERIDIAN RENT A CAR  will propose Rasnov.

Rasnov is a city located in the south-west of the Brasov Depression, 15 km from Brasov, along the Ghimbasel River, at 650 m altitude. The town currently has about 16,000 inhabitants. The city's coat of arms is a shield with three roses.

Located in the center of the country, in the upper part of Tara Barsei, at the foot of the Postavaru massif, a short distance from the Bucegi and Piatra Craiului Mountains and the Rucar, Bran and Cheia Predeal passage, the Rasnov town has been preserving for centuries the same history of a prosperous burg.
Within the county, the city has a south-eastern position, being positioned along the national road DN 73, located about 15 km from Brasov, 21 km from Predeal, 9 km from Poiana Brasov tourist resort.
The first documentary mention of  Rasnov dates back to 1331 under the name Rosnou, later in 1343 it appears with the name of Rosnov. Another name that appears in the documents is Villa Rosarum.
It seems that the German name Rosenau translates through Rosen-Au = Valley of Roses.
The main monument of the city is the Rasnov Fortress.
The Rasnov Fortress is a fortified ensemble situated on the limestone hill, located south of the Ransov town of Brasov County, one of the best preserved fortified ensembles in Transylvania.
In the upper part of Tara Barsei, about 15 km south-west of the city of Brasov, on the old commercial road that connects - through the passage Bran - the old fortress of Brasov to the former capital of the Romanian Country, Campulung Muscel, lies the town of Rasnov, often mentioned in medieval documents as a town-fair.
The fortress is situated on a rocky hill, surrounded by forest, where the only access way is from the east, its architecture being adapted to the relief, fortification aiming at the efficiency of the hill defense.
In 2002, the Rasnov area became famous after the American directors chose to film the "Cold Mountain" film, where the protagonists were Jude Law and Nicole Kidman, and which was awarded with an Oscar. Some of the scenes were also drawn  at The peasant Fortress.
About 3 km from the city, near the Barsa River, there is the ruins of Roman Cumidava Castrum, a testimony of the oldest precursor settlement of the present town of Rasnov. The archeological excavations carried out on several occasions revealed a great diversity of Dacian pottery, demonstrating that the Dacians lived nearby and even in the camp.
In the south-eastern part of the city there is the Natural Reservation Bucegi Mountains, the important tourist destination favoring the recreation tourism through the numerous huts and tourist routes.
Another attraction of the city is The Fortress Valley Cave, located about 3 km away from the city of Rasnov, on the The Fortress Valley - Poiana Brasov route, discovered about 60 years ago (about 1949, when after a hydraulic explosion - due to accumulated sediments and very narrow entrance - the entrance to the cave was blocked, hence the name of Fundata Cave).
The Evangelical Church in Rasnov is listed under nr.2655 in the list of historical monuments on the territory of Romania. The church dedicated to St. Matthew was built at the beginning of the 14th century as a  basilica build in the transitional style.
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