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Posted on: 2017-07-31 13:26:03

The Sphinx is an anthropomorphic megalith located at 2216 m altitude in the Bucegi Mountains. The name "sphinx" is given by its resemblance to the Egyptian Sphinx, both of which have human traits, and its shape is due to long wind erosion.



(The  Egyptian Sphinx)

Being essentially a huge block of stone that was modeled by the action of foreign agents, the Sphinx in Bucegi is 8 meters high and 12 meters wide and belongs to Dambovita County. The resemblance to a Sphinx, but also the legends and the history of the place made this geological formation one of the most popular tourist attractions in Romania.

As in the case of Babele din Bucegi, legends have formed around the Sphinx. Some claim that it was modeled by humans, others are just the action of nature. It is said that this place was an energetic center used by extraterrestrials, and there is a cave nearby which captures special energetic mysteries.

In Romania there are also other megaliths that are called "sphincs":

  • The Sphinx of Stanisoara;
  • The Sphinx of Piatra Arsa;
  • Sphinx of Lainic;
  • Sphinx of Bratocei;
  • The Banat Sphinx or the "Toplex Sphinx";
  • The Sphinx of the Stones of Solomon;
  • The Sphinx of the Gutai Mountains.

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